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Look for 3LW when they make the following appearances!


9/01/02 Portland, OR- KKRZ
9/7/02 Minneapolis, MN- KDWB
9/16/02 WZMX interview in Hartford, CT
9/20/02 WBLS interview with Doug Banks in NYC
9/27/02 BET 106 & Park tour performance w/Loon in St. Louis, MO. Air date in October TBA.
9/28/02 KZFM performance in Corpus Chrisit, TX- Concert at Bayfest
3LW TV Appearances!
9/02/02 3LW performs I Do (Wanna Get Close To You)
@ 6pm on 106th and Park on BET. Repeats 9/3 @ 11:30 am.
3LW on All That will air in September. Stay tuned for airdate.


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