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Gots ta be B2K

Have no fear, beach bums, you can be sure that B2K will be on your side of the beach soon! The guys of B2K, J-Boog, Lil Fizz, Raz-B and Omarion, have fled from the scene so they could come visit you in your hometown. They are on the 2002 Scream 2 Tour and will be through September, covering all areas of the United States. Don't fret if you feel you will miss them too much, because their third single is set for release, along with a DVD includes interviews and scenes from their Tour with IMX and Bow Wow, and features vidio clips and other behind-the-scenes action. These teens are injoying the life, but life for them can get busy, as the video shows. After they finished touring with Destiny's Child through Europe, they came back to tour America. We're pretty much working all the time, says Lil Fizz. Rehearsal, studio, it's constant work all the time. We're doing [inter-views]. We're still in school. We have a tutor who travels on the road with us, so we're doing homework five days a week, five hours a day. There's really never time when we get a break. These four teenagers must be wise beyond their years, because it seems that they are rolling in success. Their first single Uh-Huh was so popular that it had to be retired on the famous top ten show TRL. In addition to the video's retirement, it was nominated and won for the BET Viewer's Choice Award last June. To keep their fans interested, B2K released Gots Ta Be immediately after the Uh-huh retirement. Gots Ta Be was their second consecutive single to reach No. 1, their album went to No 2 on the Billboard Charts and was certified gold. Through it all, they love their fans no matter what. It's so overwhelming dealing with all our fans, says Omarion. It's so much love that they give us we appreciate everything. When fans run up to us, it's never a problem. They make us happy. When they run up to us, it's so exciting for us too. It's like, You like us, oh my God. Do we like B2K? Uh-huh!

In this column I'll include any breaking news on my favorite star, including upcoming movies, planned talk show appearances, box office figures, and so on.

Here's an example of the format I might use for the entries on this page:

DeNiro Reportedly in Talks with Tarantino
Posted 1/1/00

Mr. Showbiz reports Robert is talking with Quentin about an appearance in Quentin's planned Ernest Hemingway biopic. Wonder what he'll look like with Papa's beard!

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Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!