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Exclusive Interviews

Two platinum platters, a feature film and the world in the palm of his hand, and still Bow Wow is just chillin. What's up in Bow Wow's world? Find out right here, right now!

So you dropped the Lil? That's true. I'm just gettin older now so it was just something that I wanted to do because there are so many Lil's out here. I just get tired of being called Lil Bow Wow. Everybody calls me Bow Wow anyway.
Your album did really well, sold well. Can you tell me about your impression of Doggy Bag? Yeah, I feel real good about it. You know, going platinum again, repeating yourself, that was really good. And also I got another, well, you can say it's my album, the soundtrack off my feature movie, Like Mike. It's also So So Def Jermaine Dupri he produced a lot of tracks on there.
What did you do differently on the second album? Probably the only thing that we've done differently was take our time with this one. And the more topics, steppin it up a notch, because I'm growing up and everybody's grown up with me, and that's probably the only way we changed.
Do you feel like more of your own personal flavor came through on Doggy Bag? Yeah, definitely. And I wrote more on that than what I wrote on the last one, so I'm really excited.
What's it like playing live shows and touring? This summer I have my Scream 2 Tour which features B2K. I had a successful tour last summer and B2K was on tour with me. This summer is like, Bow Wow's summer.
That's cool you brought out B2K out with you again this summer. How do you get along with those guys? I get along with them real good. Last year it kind of got off real slow because they were kind of scared to talk to me and I really didn't know everyone on tour with me. The relationship didn't really start being like a home-boy relationship until like the middle of the tour. We started playin around a lot, messin up. Messin around a lot, so that's basically how we try to keep it. It's kind of like a home-boy type relationship friend type relationship.
Everything's happening so fast for you. How much has your life changed over the last few years? It really hasn't changed. I keep it the same. I'm just livin life to the fullest man. Everything is just comin and I'm taking one thing at a time. Just concentrating on the things I'm doing right now. Not tryin to rush the future.
Does Bow Wow have a girl-friend? Nah, I don't have a girl-friend now. I'm just trying to concentrate on my career.
Well one major aspect of your career right now is the movie, Like Mike, huh? Do you play a lot of basketball?
Oh yeah, that's all I do. Basketball and football.
What was it like mingling with all those professional basketball players? It was real fun because I'm an NBA fan. And for me to just play on the same court as they did, and just for me to play one-on-one with them was just a big step. Because I got to play with guys that I wanted to be like since I was little. So all my dreams are coming true man I'm just so happy about it.
Were you able to hang with those guys on the court? Oh yeah, I was beating um up.
What did you have to do as far as learning the acting trade to get ready for this part? There was nothing really that I needed to learn. Everything just came naturally.
What do you do for fun? I go to the mall to play video games. Play basketball. I do everything, everything I did before I was Bow Wow is the same stuff I do now. The only thing that's different is that people just flip out when they see me. So, that's probably the only thing.
Do you get a kick out of that? Oh, yeah, it's funny.
Anything to say to your fans out there? Thanks for all the support.

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