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News and Gossip

Screamin Monkey and Cash Money Records team up

Screamin Monkey Entertainment, LLC. is jumping into gang warface with the announcement of Cash Money Millionaires for the Playstation 2 computer entertainment system and personal computer. Inspired by Cash Money Records CEO Ronald Slim Williams, the game lets you star as a street thug who wants the respect, money and fame of being a Cash Money Millionaire. Starring with nothing but a handgun and your pride you must begin your crime spree to wealth and underground fame by knocking over small neighborhood stores. As the money comes in, you extend your reach by hiring a crew taking on bigger jobs, running numbers, ho's and drugs into the city. Money and power grows but so does your reputation. Other kingpins start pressing on you and your turf. In your quest for power, you also have to start knocking off your competition. An all out war is started in the streets of colton city, who will survive to be the kingpin? As the main character, players will be able to dispense their own ways of working the city through automotive combat, a variety of weapons at their disposal and straight up street fighting. Cash Money Millionaires has not yet been rated by the ESRB. It will be like being in your own action movie, with a full city at your disposal, states dean martinetti, owner and lead designer of Screamin Monkey. Adding the elements of the best action movies we have seen from the states and Hongkong, Cash Money Millionaires will allow palyers to experience the car stunts, close calls, intense action and tense moments that make the action genre in the movies so exciting. The game blends multiple genres of videogames into a single cinematic action game. Car chases, shootouts, foot pursuits, helicopter chases, rooftop chases and hand-to-hand combat are all part of the life you will lead while trying to attain status as a Cash Money Millionaire. With 20 main missions and 60 submissions to lead gamers downdozens of possible paths and outcomes plus the ability to hire men to do jobs a free roaming game environment will be at the player's hands. Taking on a bank robbery could tip players off to another job, or a foul-up could just as easily get yourself cruise the streets, random missions can also pop-up via their pager or cell phone adding even more gameplay to the immense adventure. Featuring the renderware platform, Cash Money Millionaires allows players to move freely through a 400 square mile living, breathing colton city. Players will be able to freely roam the city or buy services from local gun merchants, mechanics or fast food joints. To improve the characters abilities you can also take part in drag racing and gun ranges around town. Cash Money Millionaires is slated to ship in 2003

In this column I'll include any breaking news on my favorite star, including upcoming movies, planned talk show appearances, box office figures, and so on.

Here's an example of the format I might use for the entries on this page:

DeNiro Reportedly in Talks with Tarantino
Posted 1/1/00

Mr. Showbiz reports Robert is talking with Quentin about an appearance in Quentin's planned Ernest Hemingway biopic. Wonder what he'll look like with Papa's beard!

Contributed by Erica

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