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Dream Street
All about the boys

All about Dream Street


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Jesse McCartney
If you could choose any profession for your career, what would it be? Acting, and singing the same as I do now.
What comes more naturally to you, singing or acting? Well, I started singing first, but I love acting and feel comfortable there too.
If you could only coose one between money, love and fame, which would you choose? I'd have to go with LOVE because without that what good are the other two.
What is the crazyiest thing a fan has ever given you/done for you? A used Stridex anti-acne pad. What she thought I was going to do with it, I don't know. Craziest done for me: I'd say a fan driving all the way from NY to Colorado to see one of my concerts.
Can you name something that your fans might not know about you? That I have a passion for baseball and play as often as I can.
Choose one person you admire, living or dead, and say what you would like to do if you had a chance to spend time with them: To spend time with Paul McCartney during the 60s and be a part of the Beatles! Besides, I kinda like his last name.
There's a lot of TV channels out there now, like the Food Network and the Golf Channel. If you could start your own channel, what kind of programming would you have? I would have a TV show hosted by myself which includes all sports played by only teens.
When you meet a girl, what do you look for to tell you that she's a keeper? Their eyes. Eyes don't lie.
If you ever do daytime TV again, what kind of part would you like to play? Bad Boy? Ladies man? Mysterious drifter? Powerful businessman? Or anything else? I'd be the bad boy and the lover boy.
What's your biggest diversion? TV, video games, computers? Cell phone
What's the question that you get most from your fans, and can you answer it here? What is my middle name. This I will keep unknown for as long as I can to add a little mystery.
What's the best part of being you? What do you love most about your life? Knowing that I can always turn to God and he is there for me. My friends and my family.

Name: Christopher Ryan Trousdale
Birtheday: June 11
Location: New York
Hair: Brown with blond tips
Eyes: Bown
Name: Greg Raposo
Birthday: May 3
Location: Long Island New York
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Name: Frank J. Galasso
Birthday: January 24
Location: Bronx
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Name: Matt Ballinger
Birthday: April 22
Location: Westchester
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Hazel
Dream Street is the combined talents of accomplished performers Chris, Frankie, Greg, Jesse, and Matt. As New York's definitive teen pop music group, between the ages of 14 and 16, the members of Dream Street have amassed extraordinary achievements in theater, television and music, Broadway the street of dreams on which these five rising stars have graced many stages, provides the fittingly inspired Dream Street moniker. Now the musical dream, as Dream Street, is coming true with a certified gold self-titled debut Cd from Edel Entertainment, and its first smash single, It Happens Every Time. Dream Street came together in the spring of 1999, the brain child of Dream Street Entertainment co-founders Louis Baldonieri and Brian Luknow. Armed with the noval idea of merging Broadway musical theater with the current demand for distinctive pop music, Chris Trousdale, Frankie Galasso, Greg Raposo, Jesse McCartney and Matt Ballinger made the final cut after auditions of over 200 young performers. Since the start of Dream Street, it's five members have been tirelessly juggling acting careers with radio, television and promotional appearances, recording, rehearsing, and performing while continuing to attend high school. Prior to recording Dream Street, the fivesome recorded they don't understand for the Pokemon 2000 soundtrack, while the similarly infectious Let's Get Funky Tonight was included on last fall's soundtrack to the Little Vampire. Released July 10, 2001, with its 13 wildly catchy songs Dream Street has been certified gold, with over 500,000 units sold. Dream Street entered in the top 50 on Billboard's top 200 Albums chart where it has since remained, Dream Street also debuted at #1 on Billboard's top independent albums chart. Dream Street is packed with energetic, instantly memorable pop tracks like the mid-tempo gem Sugar Rush. And the Gorgeous Harmonies on Gotta Get The Girl. It Happens Every Time shot straight to the top of the charts on Radio Disney, making Dream Street one of only seven musical acts in their power rotation (70 spins per week). Charting on Billboard monitor with a BDs audience over one million, It Happens Every Time has been played on more than 75 radio stations nationwide. Spending all summer touring with Radio Disney and the Go For It Roadshow, Dream Street has also performed live at Z100's Trendfest, Zootopia in NY and Y100's Wing Ding in Miami. The guys also hosted and performed for Nickelodeon's Slime Time Live, Dream Street was recorded with the help of award winning songwriter and record producer team Berny Cosgrove and Kevin Clark (Whose previous hits include Jennifer Paige's Crush and Angela Via's hit, Picture perfect). Producer/writer Jorgen Elofsson (responsible for Britney Spear's number one hits Sometime and Crazy) wrote and produced It Happens Every Time. The video for It Happens Every Time was filmed on a stage built on the bank of the East River, next to the barges where the biggest Fourth of July fire works display in New York history would take place. The video has been the number one most requested of Nickelodeon's sound scoop since Augest, the video has won NVP on On November 6, Dream Street releases Dream Street Live, their first live video/DVD, bringing their electrifying on-stage performance home to millions of adoring fans. The adrenaline-packed performances offer the excitement of the Dream Street music and dance experience. Also included are 30 minutes of exclusive behing-the-scenes footage and interviews. When you'll quickly realize that their choreography is unlike any other pop group out there today. It's a dynamic combination of Jazz and Hip-Hop dance, straight from the incredibly creative mind of Brazilian-born dance choreographer and instructor claudia swan. With all the succes and hectic schedules, Dream Street still finds time to support causes and events that are important to teens and students in their age group. Example: on August 23, the Governor of Massachusetts declard it Dream Street Day as the group lent their time and support to studyworks! Online ( a website that helps teens with all types of math homework in conjunction with the Massachusetts Department of Education, helping launch the site that helps kids with their time and support to Scholastic's Literacy Campaign and educational programs. With a gold Cd, a smash hit single, concert tour, heavy radio and video play, and numerous TV appearances, Dream Street dream is now a reality.