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Every thing about Eminem


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Facts about Eminem

All the facts about the real Slim Shady


Full name: Marshall Bruce Mathers 3
Nick names: Eminem, Slim Shady, and Slim
Age: 29
Birth day: October 17, 1972
Star sign: Libra
Birth place: St. Joseph, MO
Marital status: Single, five-year-old daughter Hailie Jade
Parents: Mom Debbie, and dad Marshall
Siblings: Younger half-brother Nathan
Hair color: Bleached blond
Favorite famous person on drugs, dead or in jail: 2Pac
Personal quote: Go grab my four albums and pick one
Won awards from: MTV, Spin,, Rollingstone and the Grammys.
Started shady records: In 1999
Hobbies: Bitch, gat, shit, and cunt
What I'm probably doing right now: Bitch, gat, shit, and cunt
He loves Nickelodeon!
Eminem says he and daughter Hailie watch Hey, Arnold and Dora The Explorer together. Then, they flip to the Cartoon Network to watch the Powerpuff Girls. We'd like to see Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles show up on his next Cd!
He's into hair styling
Not only Eminem a rapper and actor, but he's a hair stylist, too. At least, for himself. Em cuts his hair.
He believes in superheros
Before Eminem decided to pursue rapping, he wanted to be a comic book artist. Maybe that explains the superhero obsession in his videos?
He's a book worm!
Em's got quite a vocabulary beyond curse words. He spent hours studying the dictionary to find new words to put in his raps.
He's a sucker for fast food!
Next time you're at Taco Bell, keep an eye out for Eminem. He admits that he loves their beef burritos and chalupas! He also likes eating at KFC!
He loves b-ball!
The biggest thing Em misses about normal life is playing basketball. People bother him when he tries to play on the courts at home in Detroit. Maybe it's time for his own court!
He gets scared!
It may seem hard to believe, but Em still gets nervous before he goes onstage!
He's a lefty!
15% of the population (usually boys) write with their left hand, like Em.
He was an imaginative kid
As a boy, Eminem had trouble falling asleep so he spent hours thinking up rhymes. He wrote these rhymeas in pencil on the wall by his bed.
He gets the giggles
Don't let the frown fool you. South Park makes Em really laugh.