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Every thing about Eminem


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Tattoo guide on Eminem

Eminem Tattoo facts


Upper left arm: This area started out with a tattoo of the words "Slim Shady." Later, a large design incorporating a mushroom, a woman's eye and a Vicadin pill were added around it. Underneath it says "Ronnie R.I.P.," Giving props to Em's deceased uncle:
Upper right arm: Originally, Eminem's right bicep simply said "Eminem." Recently, a portrait of his daughter Hailie Jade was added around the older tattoo and the words "Bonnie & Clyde" put in on the bottom.
Stomach/Abdomen: During a time when Em and ex-wife Kim had a bitter fight and had broken up, he had a tombstone with the words "Kim Rot in pieces" applied.
Left wrist: This is Eminem's first tattoo a kind of tribal band that encircles his wrist.
Right wrist: On the inside of his wrist are the words "Slit Me," reflecting one of Eminem's more negative feelings.
Left & Right forearms: On the right is a large D and on the left a large 12, making up the name of Eminem's crew D-12. It stands for the Dirty Dozen and all six members of D-12 have the same tattoo.
Right arm: Reading vertically is the name Hailie Jade, the name of Eminem's beloved daughter

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