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Every thing about Eminem


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Em's wildest moments

The trouble with Eminem
In and out of court, Marshall has been known to live his life on the edge

September 1999
Eminem's mom sues him for over $10 million, claiming that he portrayed her as an unfit, drug-using mother in the famous Rolling Stone interview.
November 1999
The NFL halts using My Name Is in their promo spots upon learning that Eminem's Slim Shady LP carries an adult advisory sticker.
December 1999
Emienm wants to use his uncle Ronnie's voice on his next Cd. The rapper's grand-mother refuses the idea, publicly stating, I will not let my grandson destroy my dead son with this garbage. He's a bitter boy with sad songs who wants to make fame.
June 2000
Mr. Mathers gets into a fight outside Hot Rock Sports Bar and Music Cafe in Warren, Michigan, when he spots a local named John Guerra kissing his wife Kim. Em is one of four arrested after reports that someone was toting a gun. Days later, he's brought up on two felony charges and then later dragged into a civil suit for the alleged attack.
July 2000
Eminem has his day in court for the guy-kissing-Kim incident and is charged with possessing a concealed weapon.
Kim attempts suicide by cutting her wrists at their Detroit home.
August 2000
More legal woes Em turns down an offer to settle the slander case filed by his mother.
Later that month, he files to divorce Kim and, in turn, she hits him with a $10 million defamation suit.
October 2000
Due to Canda's hate-crime laws, the country tries to prevent him from performing live shows. The idea is dropped and he plays the gigs as planned.
November 2000
It's Eminem vs. Everyone! The trash-talking rapper wins a VH-1 Award for Most Entertaining Public Feud.
December 2000
Pranksters start posting fraudulent news bulletins on a fake CNN site claiming that Eminem was involved in a fatal car accident.
April 2001
Eminem pleads guilty to charges of carrying a concealed weapon. He's sentenced to two years of probation.
May 2001
Action Figure Express releases the Eminem doll chainsaw included. Woolworth stores in the U.K. ban the doll.
June 2001
A never-ending controversy: Colorado radio station KKMG-FM is fined $7,000 by the FCC after playing The Real Slim Shady.
Em is slapped with yet another year of probation based upon a fight with the road manager of fellow Detroit rappers Insane Clown Posse.
July 2001
Kim is arrested in Suburban Detroit on alleged cocaine possession.
November 2001
Unhappy with the way their hood is being portrayed by Hollywood, over 50 protesters from the Highland Park, Michigan area rally against plans to burn down Detroit suburban crack houses for Em's movie 8 Mile.
December 2001
His song Brain Damage brings about a $1 million lawsuit. DeAngelo Bailey, a former eighth-grade bully, is angered when he discovers his name used in Slim's turne. The lyrics: I was harassed daily by this fat kid named DeAngelo Bailey/An eighth-grader who acted obnoxious, cause his father boxes/so every day he'd shove me into the lockers, and he had me in the position to beat me into submission/He banged my head against the urinal until he broke my nose/Soaked my clothes in blood, grabbed me and choked my throat.
April 2002
A lawsuit involving the Kim kisser John Guerra is settled. Em lays out a hefty $100,000.
Sixty-seven-year-old French classical/jazz pianist Jacques Loussier files a $10 million copy-right infringement suit in a New York federal court accusing Em of sampling portions of his song Pul-sion for the rapper's Kill You.
May 2002
Thirty fans are injured during a stampede at Eminem's WHFS music festival in Washington DC.
June 2002
Rumors that he's targeted by Al Qaeda terrorists (he parodied Osama Bin Laden in the Without Me video) begin and Interscope is forced to make a statement to relieve worried fans.
August 2002
Girls Gone Wild tapes footage during the Anger Management Tour! Girls Gone Wild: Eminem, planned for a 2003 release, includes shots of female fans flashing the cameras along with voiceovers by the rapper himself.

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