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No Limit


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No Limit lyrics


We riders
Get the gold
with muthafucking cash and clothes
young niggas, 14, doing death row
look into the eyes of some killers
drug dealers from the projects
young niggas
pulling hits in the ghetto
to make change
gat cocked
niggas blasting on other gangs
young niggas in the ghetto starving
hennessy and green when a young
nigga balling
pull the plug if they shot me
chest dies
every nigga? if they try to stop me
just a young nigga
trying to make skrilla
learning to double it up
with the killers and the drug dealers
if you want me come get me
how the fuck you going take me?
I got my true niggas with me
and weriders
it's hard times on the block
in the projects
called my girl time up
it's time flip up the county check
I got cocaine, weed and amphedimins
pac said p keep your eyes on your enemies
I ain't trusting no nigga
or no bitch
that's the recipe in the hood
nigga to getting rich
thugs, keep a gat right beside of you
true niggas keep your gats
cause we riders.

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