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News and Gossip

On a break or breaking up?

After five years of constant touring, promoting, writing and recording, Justin, JC, Lance, Joey and Cris have decided to take a break before writing and recording their next album. But, for these workaholics, taking a break doesn't mean not work! They have all decided to branch out on their own for the time being and tackle other projects. We have the lowdown on what each member has been doing and what we can expect from them in the months ahead until the next Nsync CD that is!
Justin's secretive solo project
Justin finally broke his silence about his secretive solo project due to drop later this year. He has said, I'm excited about it. Everyone is going to participate as much as they want to. Rumor has it he will be working with P. Diddy on this record, as well as other high-end singing stars. The other big news during the band's hiatus was the rumor buzzing around that Justin (21) was doing more than just hanging out with none other than Miss Janet Jackson (36). The two were spotted locking lips recently in Miami at the hip B.E.D. Club. In April Justin praised Janet for an MTV Icon special. In March, he confessed to Rosie O' Donnell that the breaking his heart. He said, I love Britney with all my heart and I would never ever do anything to disrespect her or degrade her.
Joey makes his Broadway Debut in Rent
Beginning August 2002, Joey mad his Broadway debut in the long-running musical Rent in the role of Mark, a struggling video artist who acts as the musical's nar-rator and its moral compass. Joey's first performance was August 5th, and he is set to stay with the show through December 22nd. On a break from rehearsal, Joey said he had wanted to do a Broadway show since High School, when he performed in several musicals. So when he had a gap in his schedule, Joey decided to audition. It's just a cutting edge kind of thing, Joey said of Rent, adding that he had also considered auditioning for Beauty And The Beast as well. It's nice to have a chance to play a character, not just be myself. It's one of those wonderful things where both parties wanted it to happen, said Kevin McCollum, one of the show's producers. When things are mutual, it doesn't take long to make a deal.
Lance to finally be a true space cowboy
In order to go into space, Lance Bass first has to go to sea. As part of his rigorous cosmonaut training, which the pop star started in Star City near Moscow, Bass was dropped into the Black Sea in an emer-gency-splash-down test and left to fend for himself in a Russian forest without food or supplies. The Russian Space Agency has recently confirmed that Lance will be their candidate for a third seat open in a fall rocket mission, which is set to launch October 22, 2002. Lance started his prelimi-nary training on July 4, just over a month after he announced that he passed the medical quali-fying exams. Lance has been training in cyclical rounds divided into one-month blocks, with his last round of training ending August 4. This and other rounds will include survival training for different climates and geo-graphical areas, in case the capsule doesn't land according to plan upon re-entry and the cosmo-nauts are forced to wait for a rescue team to arrive. To prepare for the possibility of the capsule landing in the wilderness, Lance will learn shooting techniques to defend him-self against wolves and other predators, in addition to basic preservation skills such as buikding a shelter and starting a fire. Lance will also have to learn Russian, space flight theory, spacecraft flight control systems and stan-dard operations of the International Space Station. His training will take place in a full-size simulator and will take him through the entire launch, flight and re-entry proce-dure on the ground.
JC creating for the next Cd
JC's been busy catching up with all the friends he hasn't seen in years by going to parties, hanging out and doing a lot of sleeping (a lost luxury). Most importantly, he has been seen speaking to lots of different industry bigwigs and getting lots of ideas for the next Nsync Cd. You know, JC is always thinking, planning and looking for the next big thing, who knows what new and exciting things he will come up with next!
Chris goes Golfing as FuMan still flies, and Reveals why dating is so hard
Singer, designer and now golfer, Chris not only found he loves the sport, but says he's grown addicted to the fact he can actually play a little! I'm in the God, I hope I hit the ball phase, Laughs Chris. I'm still a hacker. [The Mario Lemieux tourna-ment, where Chris played for charity] was an amazing time, though. I hit some really bad shots, and I hit a couple of really good shots, but overall it was great to be out there and know that every-body was there for a great cause. Chris FuMan line of clothes is still hot, and he loves the fact that he gets his hands into everything that has to do with the line. I enjoy trying to inspire myself. I enjoy the artistic side of everything. Music, art, fashion, everything. I just like to be on the cutting edge of it. I'm into designing houses and interior design. I like change. You know, I like creating. I like creating things out of nothing. Right now, Chris is still single, but still looking for Miss Right. He's said, It is really hard to date. You never know what a girl is coming to you for. You know so many people are out there to get you. You have to be careful with everything, and you can't get yourself in any situations. You usually know by the middle of the date. You know, they say, I really don't know anything about you, but one time about two years ago when you guys were playing in Hamburg then you are, like, Yeah, how'd you know anything about Hamburg? It's great to find people that aren't into the whole hype. It's nice if they appreciate what you do as long as they don't go overboard the other way, either. Like, Oh, I don't even like your band, and I don't like you guys, but I think you're a cool person. Whatever. You just want to find somebody who thinks the band is good, someone who appreciates what you do. That's cool. It is probably easier to date celebrities. But I have just been randomly dating here and there. So I haven't really had time for any one girl lately, but, you know, I've been kind of dedicating myself to just music. Hopefully I'm going to relaxlittle bit coming up and get back into the dating scene, and see what happens.

Turth or Rumor

Lance had surgery. Lacnce did have surgery this spring to correct an irregular heartbeat. It was part of tests for his big trip to space this fall. In Boston, they used a radiowave on a small part of my heart, and now it has a regular rhythm, Lance says.