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Pastor Troy


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All about Pastor Troy

Augusta, GA's Pastor Troy is one of the most distinctive voices in southern rap, blending bible verse and his impassioned vocals with an aggressive, down-south gangster attitude. On his 1999 debut for Mad Society We Ready I Declare War, Troy and the D.S.G.B.s (Down South Georgia Boyz) declare war on Master P, No Limit and other northern and East coast rappers. That year Pastor Troy also produced and appeared on Tree Six Mafia's Hypnotize Camp Posse and contributed to Loko's Git Dat Money. He was born 23 years ago as Micah Levar Troy, ATL native Pastor Troy was raised in the infamous college Park. The son of a minister, secular music was prohibited in the Troy household. Nevertheless, armed with a beat machine and disturbingly realistic lyrics, he left Payne College at age 18 to pursue a music career with his click D.S.G.B. Recorded in a homemade studio, Pastor Troy's underground indie debut, I Declare War... We Are Ready, would go on to sell over 188,000 copies on Word Of Mouth and a Peach state anthem: No Mo Play In GA.

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