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Backstreet Boys
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Nick says it doesn't matter if Justine outsells him

Entertainment weekly has a short profile on Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter and his Now Or Never debut solo effort. Commenting on any competion with his boyband rival Justin Timberlake of Nsync, who is releasing Justified the week following his October 29th release. His record might do 10 times better than mine, Carter said. But it doesn't matter to me as long as I'm happy with what I've done.
Backsteet Boys on Sesame Street
It seems like the Backsteet Boys have been real crowed pleasers lately, as they have been catering to every age in their audience range. Young fans of BSB can catch the boys on Sesame Street, performing a song called One Small Voice with famous figures like Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover and more. For slightly older fans, the Backstreet Boys can be seen as rabbit (Brian and Howie) and bears (Kevin, Nick, and AJ.) on the PBS cartoon Arthur. They will perform a song on the show, and special behind-the-scenes footage will air after the show. Even though the Backstreet Boys are huge crowd pleasers, they also don't mind pleasing themselves once in a while. Fellow Boy Nick Carter did so by purchasing a 43-foot raceboat. He and his father, Bob Carter, will pilot the boat during the APBA's Super Vee Class races. One of the main reasons I'm getting into this is my father, said Nick. It's a dream come true for him. Although the Carter family has participated in offshore boat racing before, we sure hope Nick doesn't come back to Backstreet black & blue!
Nick's on the cover of Cosmogirl!
Have you picked up this month's issue of Cosmogirl? With Nick Carter on the cover, his pictures are hot and the article is really deep! It's on newsstands now! And you can get Nick's greeting for your answering machine just look on the links page for the link.
Backstreet Boy Carter has an American Dream
Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is growing up. In addition to the release of his first solo album, Now Or Never, on Tuesday, Oct. 29, the boy band member will be going back in time to play 60s pop singer Jay Black for the NBC drama American Dreams. Set in Philadelphia during the early 1960s, Brittany Snow and Vanessa Lengies stars as teenage best friends Meg and Roxanne who become dancers on the popular dance show American Bandstand. In Carter's episode, Meg meets the group during their rehearsal and invites them to a party at her house. Carter will perform two a Little Bit Closer and She Cried. Other of the popular group's hits include Let's Lock The Door and Think Of The Good Times. Singer Michelle Branch will also be getting nostalgic for Dreams, playing Lesley Gore and singing Gore's hit You Don't Own Me. American Dreams premieres Sunday, Sept. 29 at 8 P.M. ET on NBC.
BSB fans whent crazy
The boys had the fright of their lives when they touched down in Chile. Airport security guards couldn't stop over 3,000 fans breaking through fences and spilling onto the runway-in front of the BSB's moving plane! Luckily, no-one was hurt and the famous five were eventually able to disembark safely.
Nick and Aaron on Sesame Street
Nick and Aaron Carter were guests on a recently filmed episode of Sesame Street. Nick has told reporters in the past he is a huge Big Bird fan.
Nick Carter celebrating Thanksgiving in Detroit reports Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter will be in the Detroit, Michigan area Nov 27 and 28 for the Thankgiving Day parade (riding the Club DRQ Float) on the 28th (admission is free) and you can see him at the Hob Mobble Gobble the 27th (starts at 6:00 PM EST) at the New GM Winter Garten at the Renaissance Center (tickets and ticket info at 313-923-7400). If you live in the Detroit area listen to 93.1 WDRQ and you could win the chance to ride on the Club DRQ Float with Nick Carter. The event will be picked up live by CBS.

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