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Backstreet Boys


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Your fave snack says lots about you!

If you love pizza
If you like pizza, you are a people person. After all, you have to eat pizza in a group unless you can polish off a pizza pie alone! You're surrounded by many buds and you chat 24/7.
If you love burgers
If you like burgers, you are a carefree girl. During the summer, you're all about barbecues and hanging out with your guy buds! You are not shy.
If you love tacos
If you love tacos, you are creative! You're also into adventure! You have lots of dreams like singing, acting, being a doctor you want to try it all! Go girl!
If you love veggies
Love veggies? You are practical and down-to-earth. You love feeling healthy and free! You like to spend your days playing sports and being out-side with pals.
What's your flirting style?
1. You work at a fast food restaurant and your crush comes in with his friends. What do you do?
A. You wink, tell him the food is on you and serve him an extra large soda with a smile.
B. You blush and tell him you like cheesburgers, too.
C. You avoid eye contact and rush to finish his order.
2. Your crush has a new puppy. You love dogs, but you're very allergic. When you run into him and his dog you:
A. Tell your crush his puppy is just as cute as he is!
B. Run over to pet the pup, while telling your crush how musch you love dogs.
C. Smile softly and tell him you're allergic.
3. Your crush isn't in your class, but his sister is. You know this is the perfect opportunity to:
A. Accidentally leave a note at her house that reveals your feelings for her brother.
B. Talk to him when you're at her house and find out all you can about his hobbies.
C. Wait patiently to see if his sis ever talks about him.
4. You're babysitting a loddler who lives next door to your crush, Jake. You:
A. Teach the kid to say Jake, (Your name) would be a good girlfriend. You should date her.
B. Make up excuses to get your crush to help you babysit.
C. Wave to him when he's near and hope he can read your mind that you like him.
5. Your crush is stuck at home with a bad flu. What do you do?
A. You stop by, fluff his pillow and fill him in on the latest school gossip.
B. You send him flowers and silly notes, hinting that you're really into him.
C. You wait until he's better and hope he's been thinking of you.
Check out your score!
Mostly A's: You are a daring diva who is not afraid to let your guy know you like him. But, let him make some moves, too.
Mostly B's: You like to drop hints and keep him guessing. If he has any clue, he'll definitely figure out that you like him.
Mostly C's: You're shy when you like someone, but guys think that's cute. Just remember, guys can't read minds. Speak up!
Is it love or like?
True or False
1. When I see my sweetie, I always get butterflies. True or False
2. It's bad but I usually put him before my buds. True or False
3. I'm unselfish with him. He makes me a better person. True or False
4. When I think of my future, he's always in it. True or False
5. When I'm bored, I write his name on everything! True or False
6. I listen to my guy's fave tunes, even if it's not my taste. True or False
7. I would choose my crush over my fave guy star! True or False
Mostly true: You're head-over-heels in love! You can hardly explain the feel-ing, but you know he makes you very happy. Just make time for your buds, too!
Mostly false: Your crush has a special place in your heart, but he's not all that matters to you. He could turn out to be the one, but if not, he's an amazing bud!
Is your sweetie a keeper?
Ture or False
1. On a date, my guy usually lets me pay for the movies. Ture or False
2. My dude is sweet, but he flirts with every girl he sees! Ture or false
3. My crush is around his buds a lot. He's hard to track down. True or false
4. When I'm really bummed, I call my girl buds never him. True or false
5. My guy like to know where I am and who I'm with 24/7. True or false
6. I'm crazy about him, but my friends don't really did him. True or false
7. I'm a very outgoing person but my sweetie likes to stay in. True or false
Mostly True: You may be into him, but your personalities and life styles are very different. It may not seem like a big deal, but keep your options open, girl!
Mostly False: You sound like you've found the perfect guy! Hey, you're young and you never know what's happen, but your crush definitely sounds like a keeper for now!

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