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Eminem in film controversy

Eminem has released a controversial new animated vidio for White America The song & video make references to Eric Harris, one of the 2 Columbine high school shooters that murdered 15 people. We put Charles Manson away for life, said Darrell Scott, who lost his daughter. He didn't kill anyone, but influenced his followers to do so. Eminem has more influence & more followers than Charles Manson.

About Eminem at the MTV Awards
MTV Awards posted Saturday, August 31, 2002 by Jason New York (AP), Eminem won four awards at the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday, but it didn't put the rapper in a good mood, he found time to feud with his nemesis Moby, then ended up getting booed by the crowd. Eminem wins, is booed by audience, Eminem provided the evening's biggest shocker, he was booed after winning the award for Best Male Video for Without Me. (He also won video of the year, Rap video and direction for the clip, a comic-book style satire). The tension started when one of his frequent targets, Christina Aguilera, presented the award. Aguilera looked like she wanted to drop it on the floor rather than put it in his hand. Then he took a pot shot at techno artist Moby, calling the bespectacled artist a girl (Moby irritated Eminem last year by criticizing his lyrics as misogy nist). The boos from the audience began. Yeah, keep booing, Eminem said. Appearing to look in Moby's direction, he added, I will hit a man with glasses. Eminem accepts the Best Male Video award for without me. The audience later cheered Eminem when he won the video of the year award.
Eminem bus on fire
Blaze on I-94 causes million in damage. Two of Eminem's associates received a warm greeting from the Motor City. Make that hot. The Detroit-bred rapper's tour bus caught on fire about 1:30 p.m. Sunday asit traveled westbound on I-94, just east of U.S-23 in Pittsfield Township, State Police Sgt. Julie Busch said. Friction from a flat tire on the bus left side caused the fire, said Pittsfield Township Fire Marshal James Payeur. Crews from the Saline and Ypsilanti Township Fire Departments fought the blaze for three hours. Firefighters used foam and 2,000 gallons of water to quell the fire, which caused an estimated million in damage. Some of the equipment was salvaged, Pittsfield Township Fire Sgt. Jeff Foulke said. Eminem was not on the bus, but the driver and an unidentifield occupant were, Bush said. Neither was injured. Eminem was headlining the Anger Management tour at the Palace of a Ubum Hills Sunday. The show went on as scheduled at 6:30 p.m., a Palace Spokeswoman said. Eminem took the stage shortly after 9 p.m., she said. His latest effort, The Eminem Show, is the year's best-selling album with 5.4 million copies sold.
Eminems terror of jail
Eminem has revealed he was terrified of going to prison after being caught brandishing a gun outside a night club. The rapper pistol-whipped a man whom Kim Mathers. Eminem only got two years probation for the assault in Detroit, but said at the time he thought he was going down. He told the Sun: I thought I was going to do some time I thought I was a goner. The star also said he wanted to lose his reputation as someone who was out to shock. He said he wanted to prove to people that he was a legitimate artist. Eminem, known as a foul-mouthed chainsaw-wielding pill popper, said that image had been cultivated to get a response in his early career. All those shocking things that I was saying, I just wanted to get a reaction out of people, he explained.
Eminem lyrics are blamed for sex attack
A sex attack on a nine-year-old boy may have been inspired by the sordid lyrics of a song by the rap star Eminem, a court was told. Eminem: Ken Kaniff track was played in court the child was twice ordered to perform a lewed sexual act with a boy three years his senior. On the first occasion he was threatened with a piece of metal, while on the second his attacker said he would kill the younger boy's dogs unless he complied with demands. The older boy, now 13, is due to be sentenced at a later date after being convicted at Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, on Charges of indecent assault. Earlier, the jury was played a recording of the Eminem track, Ken Kaniff (Skit), after William Baker, prosecuting, said: one possibitlity is that the 12-year-old boy (now 13) in adolescence heard the track and thought it would be a good idea to make someone do that to him. Judge Barry Woodward, who listened to the track with the jury, described it as quite disgusting. Afterwards the victim's mother said: my son likes Eminem but I have only let him listen to tracks that make the charts. When they played that awful song in the courtroom I felt sick. Michele Elliott, director of kids cape, the child protection charity, criticised the music industry for giving such records a platform. She said: there is something disturbing about a record or video egging people on to behave outside social parameters. I personally find them disgusting and don't think we should give them a plat form. If you are already disturbed, listening to something particulary uppleasant could give you the rationale that it is okay.
Eminem's D12 thrown off tour
Eminem was not touring with D12 at the time, Eminem's rap outfit D12 have been kicked off a US Tour after allegedly getting into a fight with Rivel rappers. D12, a group of Eminem's protegas, were playing on the Warped Tour in New Jersey when the incident took place. Members are alleged to have attacked fellow rappers Esham and TNT, part of the group Natas. Esham is said to have suffered a broken nose, ruptured eyeball and concussion. There has been a long-running feud between Esham and Eminem who was not part of the tour. Esham has accused the artist of stealing his material for D12's best selling album Devils Night. The Warped Tour was a show case for many upcoming and estagblished artists including Blink 182 and the Rollins Band. D12 spokesman Dennis Dennehy confirmed a fight had broken out and that it was being investigated by police. Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman confirmed that both D12 and Natas were dropped from the US Tour but declined to comment on the incident. D12's Devils Night album is currently at number four in the UK charts, but its explicit lyrics have caused problems for the band. Their debut single had to been heavily edited to make it suitable for radio and television. Purple Pills was changed to Purple Hills to make it more palatable for younger audiences.
Bad Vibes
Slim Shady isn't one to shy away from controversy. He's back with the movie 8 Mile and more dissin'! In true Eminem form, the rapper launched an attack on techno guru Moby. After a lyrical diss in his single Without Me, Em staged a mock murder of a Moby lookalike during The Eminem Show tour. But he apparently didn't push Moby's buttons. Thanks for the diss. Really, I mean it, and no hard feelings from me was Moby's response. Way to be the bigger man, Mob.
The Reel Slim Shady movie
Eminem's gone from rap's controversial poster boy to Hollywood's newest crossover star. Em hung up his mic just long emough to shoot his first feature film, 8 Mile. It's a stroy of a young rapper who dreams of being a superstar. Sound familiar? Of course, but the Slim Shady insists it's not an autobiography. I don't play me in the movie. There are similarities becasue I sat down with Scott Silver, the writer, and told him (about) instances in my life that were used in the movie- some exactly the way they happened, some a little bit different, says Em. So with a story that almost mimics his life, it must've been easy for the rhymer to get into character. I had to go back to when I was just Marshall and I was reserved and shy and nobody cared much about me, he explains. It's weird when you think I only had to go back about four years (to get) to that point. Life's different now and if Em's acting is anything like his rapping, look for him to make a few more stops in Tinsel Town.
Eminem on the cover of US Weekly
Issuse 405 of US Weekly has Eminem and now ex wife Kim on the cover.
Eminem teacher said he will naver be anything
There was this teacher. He once singled me out and told me I wasn't gonna be shit. Everybody in class laughed. I don't remember why he said that, but it really hurt my feelings and I was thinking that it shouldn't. It stands out in my head.
Can hate turn to love?
Eminem trash-talked Christina Aguilera on The Real Slim Shady. But can he eat what he serves when it's dished back to him? After awkwardly presenting him with an award earlier in the evening, Christina ripped into Em backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards. But rather then freestyle an angry comeback against Christina, Em (shocker!) actually listened to what she had to say. And it appears that something positive came out of their rap session: Christina laid into him backstage, said a witness. Then he hugged her and she hugged him. Maybe they've finally settled it. Aww! Props to Christina for defending herself, and props to Em for hearing her out. It's all so touching it makes us wonder: could there be hope for Eminem and Moby yet? (LOL!)
Is Eminem having more success Pop world then the Rap world?
Most of his fans are BSB and Nsync fans too. His album debut higher on the Pop charts then Rap/Hip-Hop/ Whatever charts and he getting more posters in teen magizines then Justin Timberlake and Nick Carter, plus he said so his self that there no rivaly between him and Chris Kirkpatrick. His name just rhyme that all, I think he
becoming what he hates, I think he becoming Pop!
8 Mile goes the distance with record-breaking opening
His third album's still sitting comfortably in the top 10, The 8 Mile soundtrack debuted at #1 and now, the world's cockiest rapper has even more to smirk about, 8 Mile took in $54.4 million at the box office over the weekend, according to studio estimates, making it the second largest opening for an R-rated picture of all time, and the highest debut for a first-time lead actor.