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Every thing about Eminem


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Eminem has nice things to say

Wait, Eminem has nice things to say


We all know about Eminem the bad boy. He spits, he curses, he talks about people. But as more fans are learning, Marshall Mathers can be surprisingly nice. In fact, he's pretty nice most of the time. It's when he's Eminem or Slim Shady that he turns on the drama. So, the next time a parent says, You like Eminem? Why? Say, Hey, he's not so bad!
He praises the strong girls in music
Em gets major press for bad-mouthing stars like Nsync's Chris and Christina Aguilera. But no one is talking about all the respect he's giving to strong, female stars, like Pink, Gwen, Beyonce and his 8 Mile co-star, Brittany Murphy. Plus, he has seriously sweet, yes, sweet, things to say about Shakira. Em appeared on a radio show in Los Angeles and talked about how much he loves and admires her Cd, Laundry Service. He says he respects Shakira because she writes her own songs. One of his favorite Shakira tunes is Poem To A Horse, which is about being in a relationship with someone who is selfish. Em says it reminds him of someone he knows. Could he be referring to his ex, Kim? Em truly respects artists who believe in themselves. He has nothing but good things to say about the Beastie Boys. I was like, This is dope! Em says about the time he first heard their music. That's when I decided to rap.
Sure, he's dissed people in songs, but he gives praise, too! He praises Hailie for her personality
Em showers his daughter, Hailie, with praise. He worships the ground she walks on and thinks she's the smartest 6-year-old on the planet! She talks a lot, he says. I want to try to get her into acting or something. She has an incredible personality. Yep, that's Hailie on Em's track, My Dad's Gone Crazy. The song has a funny story to it. One day we were in the studio doing a song, says Em. She was like, somebody please help me, I think my dad's gone crazy. I was like, Hailie, what did you say? She said it again and she was like, Daddy I wanna say it on the mic. Like dad, like daughter!
He praises his fans!
Eminem cherishes his fans. My fans get me. I don't care about any-one else. My younger fans have a sense of humor and can determine right from wrong, he says. Kids are a lot smarter than we think.

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